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AI in 2020

As we look back at 2020 and forward to 2021, we round up our top stories on AI in business, in breakthroughs, in practice.
As AI replaces and supplements traditional programming, the rise of a data development toolchain as comprehensive as the software development toolchain is perhaps the most underrated and significant trend in enterprise.


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In The News

MuZero: Mastering Go, chess, shogi and Atari without rules

Until now, most approaches have struggled to plan effectively in domains, such as Atari, where the rules or dynamics are typically unknown and complex.
By combining this model with AlphaZero’s powerful lookahead tree search, MuZero set a new state of the art result on the Atari benchmark, while…

Watch an AI robot walk with a broken leg, thanks to a brain that never stops learning

That’s because only the bot on the left has learned to adapt to new circumstances.
But unlike ours, AI brains usually don’t learn new things once they’ve been trained and deployed; they’re stuck with the same thinking they’re born with.


10 AI Predictions For 2021

The total number of academic research papers published on federated learning will surge.
The number of academic research papers published on federated learning has grown from 254 in 2018, to 1,340 in 2019, to 3,940 in 2020, according to Google Scholar.

Government can’t be complacent with AI, says Lords report

The report, AI in the UK: no room for complacency, published by the House of Lords Liaison Committee today, examines the the progress made in relation to the recommendations set out in a previous report, AI in the UK: ready, willing and able?

Google told its scientists to ‘strike a positive tone’ in AI research

Alphabet Inc’s Google this year moved to tighten control over its scientists’ papers by launching a “sensitive topics” review, and in at least three cases requested authors refrain from casting its technology in a negative light

Applied use cases

Climate change falls down the agenda at A.I. lab DeepMind after energy heads leave

Artificial intelligence (AI) lab DeepMind has shifted its focus from climate change to other areas of science and is pursuing its original mission of creating artificial general intelligence (AGI), which is widely seen as the holy grail of the nascent…

This is the Stanford vaccine algorithm that left out frontline doctors

Many saw that as an excuse, especially since hospital leadership had been made aware of the problem on Tuesday—when only five residents made the list—and responded not by fixing the algorithm, but by adding two more residents for a total of seven.

Machine Learning on Knowledge Graphs at NeurIPS 2020

🔥 In the ICLR 2020 post, we covered Query2Box, a strong QE baseline capable of answering logical queries with conjunction (∧), disjunction (∨), and existential quantifiers (∃) by modeling entities as d-dimensional boxes 📦.


Boston Dynamics’s Future Following Hyundai’s Acquisition, DARPA’s SubT Challenge, More

Welcome to Episode 28 of The Robot Report Podcast, where each week Robot Report editors Steve Crowe and Eugene Demaitre review the latest robotics, automation and intelligent systems news and announcements, and interview leading roboticists, leaders of innovative robotics companies, and other key…

Commercially successful robotics startups are the stars of our Good Robot Industry Awards

We create effective patient engagement and generate unique data of value to our customers.
Kindred’s cutting-edge technology is the foundation of a number of proprietary platforms including CORE/AutoGrasp™, developed to operate robots autonomously in dynamic environments.

Women in Robotics Update: Ruzena Bajcsy and Radhika Nagpal

Introducing the sixth post in our new series of Women in Robotics Updates, featuring Ruzena Bajcsy and Radhika Nagpal from our first “25 women in robotics you need to know about” list in 2013 and 2014.


PwC Newsletter Issue #1

Papers with Official Code Deformable DETR: Deformable Transformers for End-to-End Object Detection (paper & code) – Deformable DETR improves the performance of a previous approach, DETR, by introducing a new type of attention module that requires less training.

AlphaFold 2 & Equivariance

When you stack these together for the whole backbone of length you generate a tensor : Remember that some distances and angles between backbone atoms (within and between residues) are fixed, so these coordinates will have to satisfy those constraints to result in a valid protein structure.

Reengineering Facebook AI’s deep learning platforms for interoperability

These platforms, such as ClassyVision, Fairseq, and PyText, provide end-to-end solutions for configuring and training models without requiring code changes.

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