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Predictions for AI-powered digital healthcare in 2021

2020 has been a year of substantial advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning – technologies that are being applied in healthcare as never before, resulting in improvements and enhancements in diagnosis and treatment that were previously impossible.


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In The News

Insights for AI from the Human Mind

What magical trick makes us intelligent? The trick is that there is no trick. The power of intelligence stems from our vast diversity, not from any single, perfect principle.

The Batch, and our latest news and events

However, the emergence of AI has tipped the balance toward industry, largely because the three most important resources for AI research and development — computing power, data, and talent — are concentrated in a small number of companies.

Applied use cases

Skype co-founder Jaan Tallinn reveals the 3 existential risks he’s most concerned about

Skype co-founder Jaan Tallinn has identified what he believes are the three biggest threats to humanity’s existence this century.
While the climate emergency and the coronavirus pandemic are seen as issues that require…

Machine learning is going real-time

In 2019, found that an increase of 30% in latency cost about 0.5% in conversion rates — “a relevant cost for our business.” No matter how great your ML models are, if they take just milliseconds too long to make predictions, users are going to click on something else.

Why AI is so power-hungry

Today’s training is inefficient Traditional data processing jobs done in data centers include video streaming, email and social media.
Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst estimated the energy cost of developing AI language models by measuring the power consumption of common…


AI research survey finds machine learning needs a culture change

The machine learning community, particularly in the fields of computer vision and language processing, has a data culture problem.
But in today’s machine learning environment, survey authors said, “anything goes.”

AI4People: Ethical Guidelines for the Automotive Sector – Fundamental Requirements and Practical Recommendations

Abstract This paper presents the work of the AI4People-Automotive Committee established to advise more concretely on specific ethical issues that arise from autonomous vehicles (AVs).

Landmark artificial intelligence legislation should become law

Make no mistake, the “National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Act of 2020,” also dubbed as “Division E” of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), is the closest thing to a national strategy on AI from the United States to be formally endorsed by Congress.


Boston Dynamics robots take over the dance floor in latest video

Boston Dynamics’ Atlas and Spot robots can do a lot of things: sprinting, gymnastic routines, parkour, backflips, opening doors to let in an army of their friends, washing dishes, and (poorly) getting actual jobs.

‘Clive’ the fruit-picking robot gets to work in Goulburn Valley to cover seasonal worker gap

He believes that if Australian growers are going to compete with countries with lower standards and a lower cost of production, technology will have to be the answer.
Traditionally the bulk of Australia’s fruit picking workforce has arrived from overseas, either international backpackers travelling…

The Robotic Assembly of Garments – An ARM Institute Project Highlight

While the robotic system currently has a higher cycle time than human operators, it has the potential to lead to greater automation and shorter cycles with further development.
The robot operation was orchestrated with other machine stations (sewing station, welding station and folding stations) to…


Recognize sounds from audio

This means we should aim to capture the following data: 5 minutes of background noise, with the label "noise" 5 minutes of running faucet noise, with the label "faucet" In the real world, there are usually additional sounds present alongside the sounds we care about.

Intel’s Artificial Intelligence Podcast

Guest Colin Murdoch, Senior Business Director at DeepMind, talks with host Abigail Hing Wen, Intel AI Tech Evangelist and New York Times best-selling author, about text-to-speech system WaveNet, the recent breakthrough with AlphaFold, the potential for artificial intelligence to solve energy…

Papers with Code 2020 : A Year in Review

Papers with Code indexes various machine learning artifacts — papers, code, results — to facilitate discovery and comparison.
Using this data we can get a sense of what the ML community found useful and interesting this year.
Below we summarize the top trending papers, libraries and benchmarks for…

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