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In the News

Understanding The Value Of Artificial Intelligence Solutions In Your Business

The application of AI solutions supports organizations in several ways, including automation of redundant activities, digitizing processes, as well as fast analytics of data, particularly large data sets, and combining different data sets to gain rapid insights and knowledge that contribute to…


Put Your Brand In Front Of Decision-Makers

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In The News

Building Conscious Artificial Intelligence: How far are we and Why?

The Internet has been replete with news headlines about GPT-3 writing articles, Google’s Neural Network creating eerie artwork, artificial intelligence (AI) models creating music and what not.
Artificial intelligence tries to solve real-world problems by simulating human brain intelligence to…

Can AI Machine Learning Enable Robot Empathy?

Artificial intelligence (AI) machine learning is fueling the current commercial boom in automation, and robots are becoming increasingly more sophisticated.
In a step forward in endowing robots with human-like behavior, researchers at Columbia University showed how AI machine learning can predict a…

Applied use cases

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Impacts Daily Life

Social Media Artificial intelligence practically customizes various social media platforms to fit our needs.
Sending and receiving emails Communication via email is a habit for most of us.
But did you know that artificial intelligence helps us with writing emails?

Developing Algorithms That Might One Day Be Used Against You

When it comes to AI recognizing human faces, when our data sets are biased against Black and Brown faces for example, we risk discrimination that prevents people from using services, that intensifies surveillance apparatus, that jeopardizes human freedoms.

Snap looks to enhance augmented reality features with acquisition of British research lab Ariel AI

Snap, the parent company of social media app Snapchat, has acquired a British artificial intelligence start-up called Ariel AI which focuses on augmented reality.


New Algorithms Could Reduce Racial Disparities in Health Care

New Algorithms Could Reduce Racial Disparities in Health Care Machine learning programs trained with patient reports, rather than doctors’, find problems that doctors miss—especially in Black people.

Learning with — and about — AI technology

As head of the Personal Robots group and AI Education at MIT, Media Lab Professor Cynthia Breazeal is on a mission to help this generation of young people to grow up understanding the AI they use.

Center for Applied Data Ethics suggests treating AI like a bureaucracy

The research suggests using this terminology to interrogate and analyze bureaucracy, states, and power structures in order to critically assess the performance of large machine learning models with the potential to harm people.


This AI Could Go From ‘Art’ to Steering a Self-Driving Car

You’ve probably never wondered what a knight made of spaghetti would look like, but here’s the answer anyway—courtesy of a clever new artificial intelligence program from OpenAI, a company in San Francisco.

On the 100th Anniversary of ‘Robot,’ They’re Finally Taking Over

On Jan. 25, 1921, Karel Čapek’s play “R.U.R.”—short for “Rossum’s Universal Robots”—premiered in Prague.
It was a sensation.
In a century-long dialogue between inventors of fictional and actual robots, engineers have for the most part been forced to play catch-up, either realizing or subverting the…

CITRIS People and Robots Seminar Series

CITRIS People and Robots hosts a weekly seminar series every Monday afternoon jointly with UC Berkeley’s “Design of Robotics and Embedded systems, Analysis, and Modeling” Seminars (DREAMS).


Learning to Learn Workshop

With this goal in mind, we created a list of speakers that reflects this variety in backgrounds and schools of thought to create an opportunity to reflect upon questions that we believe are important to further advance the field of meta learning in the machine learning community.

LAMBDA: The ultimate Excel worksheet function

The Calc Intelligence project at Microsoft Research Cambridge has a long-standing partnership with the Excel team to transform spreadsheet formulas into a full-fledged programming language.

Linguistics Wisdom of NLP Models

At Embibe, we focus on developing interpretable and explainable Deep Learning systems, and we survey the current state of the art techniques to answer some open questions on linguistic wisdom acquired by NLP models.

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