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Nike’s online store is easy to navigate and vibrant. The selection of background and font colours is eye-catching. And the website overall has an aura of less is more.
Nike uses a lot of tools for promoting its products and generating traffic. It, however, lays special emphasis on pop-up notifications set up in multiple forms and designs.
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1. Geolocation reminder pop-up: The homepage automatically determines your IP location. If it fails then it pushes a pop-up, requesting you to update the location.
Wondering if this is necessary? You would be too quick to underestimate it!
Nike sells its products in different countries and regions thus, detecting the location helps in customizing the content.
2. Sign-up pop-upWhen a visitor browses Nike’s homepage for more than 10 seconds, a pop-up is pushed requesting them to sign up.
This technique effectively filters out the visitors who leave the site quickly and requests visitors who stay, to become a registered user. If the visitor scrolls without signing up then pop-up is pushed again after some time.
A gentle reminder to sign up is placed at the bottom of the page.
Nike also sends an email to remind you about becoming a member.
These series of intimate pop-up reminders increase the probability of visitors becoming a registered member of Nike.

3. Feedback pop-up: For an online store a custom domain, directly affects its rating and ranking.
So it is essential to collect user feedback and rating.
Nike has done this too (although the interface is quite simple)

Source: Automizely Blog
Author: Automizely
Date: 2020 08 09

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