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Andy Jassy
Andy Jassy.

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  1. Twitter’s user count passed 192 million in Q4. The social media company posted $1.29 billion in quarterly revenue and $0.27 in earnings-per-share on Tuesday.
  2. Salesforce says the 9-5 day is dead. New guidelines, which Salesforce is calling "Work From Anywhere,"offer employees three different options for how they’ll work going forward: flex, fully remote, and office-based. 
  3. Congress is investigating reports about Trump’s floated stake in Parler. Congress is looking into reports that Donald Trump’s representatives held talks for him to buy an ownership stake in Parler while he was still president, which legal experts say could have violated anti-bribery laws.
  4. Exclusive: Andy Jassy made his first appearance since being named Amazon CEO. He told employees at an internal all-hands meeting Tuesday "nothing changes" until he takes over at Amazon later this year.
  5. The developer behind ‘Terraria’ cancelled its Google Stadia release. Andrew Spinks is infuriated at Google after being locked out of his Google Play, YouTube, and Gmail accounts for weeks.
  6. Instagram will curtail TikTok reposts. The firm is updating its Reels feature to make videos with watermarks "less discoverable", limiting the reach of TikTok reposts that flood the platform.
  7. Reddit raised $250 million. The fundraise doubles its valuation to $6 billion, as it rides the r/Wallstreetbets wave.
  8. The EU may force Big Tech to pay for news. The EU looks set to make similar demands of the tech giants, according to the Financial Times, as legislators seek to build on the framework outlined in the recently proposed EU Digital Services and Digital Markets acts. 
  9. Lyft on Tuesday reported that its losses narrowed in the fourth quarter. The firm beat Wall Street’s expectations and said it still expects to be profitable on an EBITDA basis by the end of the year.
  10. Police may have found a way to avoid being filmed. Vice reported that police in Beverly Hills play music when being livestreamed, possibly to trigger copyright filters and ensure videos are automatically removed.
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Source: Business Insider
Author: (Shona Ghosh)
Date: 2021 02 10

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