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Alphabet & Google CEO Sundar Pichai
Google CEO Sundar Pichai speaks during Google I/O 2016

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1. Google will no longer track users as they browse the web. The move comes after the company’s elimination of third-party cookies, which are used to target digital ads. This is what to know about the shift to protect users’ privacy.

2. Oscar Health fell 10% in its trading debut. The buzzy health insurance firm priced its highly-anticipated IPO at $39 per share, raising $1.4 billion at a valuation of $9.5 billion. More details here.

3. A top biotech VC and a top tech VC are making a $500 million bet in two of the hottest areas of healthcare. The investors launched a SPAC to tackle mental health and virtual healthcare. An exclusive look at what we know so far.

4. SpaceX attempted another high-altitude Starship flight. The rocket landed in one piece for the first time, but exploded on the pad about 10 minutes later.

5. Elizabeth Warren’s proposed wealth tax takes aim at tech’s heavyweights. The Ultra-Millionaire Tax Act would apply an annual 2% tax on individual net worths between $50 million and $1 billion. Here’s how much tax Bezos, Musk, Gates, and Zuckerberg would owe. 

6. Parler claims it was valued at $1 billion before Amazon took it offline. The controversial social media site dropped its federal suit against AWS, but filed another in Washington state soon after. Here’s what to know about the latest lawsuit. 

7. Want to go to Mars? Now you (kind of) can. NASA will be sending millions of names to Mars on its next mission in 2026, and anyone can sign up to have their name sent into space. We’ll show you how.

8. Spam robocalls are on the rise – because they’re incredibly profitable. Court decisions have paved the way for telemarketers to get away with these. Here’s how to stop them. 

9. Zoom’s explosive success is creating big opportunities for startups. Many are tying their success to the online streaming platform – and getting investors to put millions into apps and integrations. An exclusive look at how Zoom has helped others thrive.

10. Google’s AI firm DeepMind considered launching a food division with controversial vegan startup Hampton Creek. The now-abandoned partnership would have resulted in an AI-driven, plant-based food unit. More on that strange almost-collaboration here. 

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