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1. After years of leniency, Netflix is testing a crackdown on password-sharing. People have long shared passwords to avoid paying for their own streaming accounts. Now, Netflix is taking a tough stance on sharing passwords with those outside your household. Here’s how the restrictions could affect you.

2. Digital artist Mike Winkelmann – known online as Beeple – sold an NFT of his artwork for $70 million at Christie’s. The price for the piece jumped from $15 million to over $69 million in under 30 minutes.

3. SPAC mania has lit a fire in the proptech world. SPACs are taking real-estate tech companies public, and real-estate companies are raising SPACs. We spoke with experts who explained why they’re a great match, and what risks lie ahead.

4. A major beer manufacturer had to shut down after a cybersecurity breach this week. Coors’ parent company had to halt operations after a hacker-caused system outage. But don’t worry – the company is working around the clock to get up and running.

5. Apple could make the Apple Car without a big-name automaker. Instead, the company could pursue a contract with a manufacturer to find and assemble its own car pieces. Get the full rundown.

6. Verkada allowed at least 100 employees, including interns and sales staff, to access customers’ camera feeds. After a breach that affected 150,000 feeds, reporting found that employees had repeatedly raised security concerns. Here’s what we know so far.

7. Apple blocked Parler’s attempt to get back on the App Store. After the controversial social-media site was banned following the Capitol riots, Apple rejected its attempt to rejoin, citing Nazi symbols and hate speech from users. We have the details.

8. Facebook killed its proposal for an internet cable linking the US with Taiwan and Hong Kong. For the third time in six months, the company has nixed the project, this time citing US government concerns about links with Hong Kong. More on that here.

9. Uber’s ex-CEO’s "ghost kitchen" startup is angering local residents. Travis Kalanick’s CloudKitchens, which rents shared kitchens to handle delivery orders, is booming, but some locals aren’t thrilled. Our exclusive report examines the startup mogul’s ongoing war with neighborhoods.

10. These are the top 175 executives and staff who help run Microsoft. We built a chart of the people who help CEO Satya Nadella lead the $1.7-trillion corporate giant. Meet the people who make the organization run.

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