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1. The Oakland A’s have started pricing tickets in bitcoin. The team is offering a home-season suite for the cost of one bitcoin – making them the first sports team to price tickets in cryptocurrency. More on that here.

2. An early SpaceX engineer crawled inside an imploding rocket in mid-air to save the company. In 2008, an engineer saved SpaceX by climbing into a rocket that was imploding due to a pressure imbalance, according to a new book. Read more from the harrowing incident.

3. Eight Gen Z venture capitalists predicted which industries will be transformed by NFTs. We spoke with a handful of VCs about how non-fungible tokens will affect our future. These are the industries they think will be most impacted.

4. Facebook will pay Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp for news content in Australia. The decision comes just weeks after the tech giant blocked all news content on its platform in the country. Here’s what we know about the deal.

5. Want a free COVID-19 test? Ask Tinder. The ever-popular dating app is giving out 1,000 free COVID-19 tests to encourage people to go on dates again. Here’s how you can get tested – while maybe finding love.

6. Tiger Woods has a new series of golf video games in the works. The golf superstar signed a contract with the publisher of "Grand Theft Auto" for a new series, titled "PGA Tour 2K." Everything you need to know about the new game.

7. California is banning companies from using "dark patterns." These are sneaky website designs that can confuse or trick users into opting into selling their information, and make things like canceling a subscription frustratingly difficult. Learn more about the regulations – and how to spot dark patterns online.

8. Elon Musk shared an NFT-themed techno song he says he’s selling as an NFT. While it’s unclear if the Tesla CEO is serious, he has recently been diving into the crypto fad. Check out the EDM track.

9. Uber is to reclassify its UK drivers as workers. It means more than 70,000 drivers will receive benefits like the minimum wage and holiday pay.

10. This is how two brothers are building Silicon Valley’s most valuable startup. Our exclusive report details how the Collison brothers founded Stripe, the red-hot digital payment processing startup that recently raised a hefty round of funding. Take a look inside their world.

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