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Protesters at the 2018 Google walkout.

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  1. Google is in trouble over labor laws. The National Labor Relations Board filed a complaint accusing Google of violating several labor laws during a crackdown of worker activism last year.
  2. Amazon could be getting into podcasts. The e-commerce giant is reportedly considering buying podcast publisher Wondery.
  3. A union wants to know if Amazon hired spies. Private spies subcontracted by Pinkerton Agency, a firm Amazon employs, infiltrated and photographed a worker strike at a Spanish warehouse in 2019.
  4. Elon Musk says he’ll get humans to Mars by 2026. In 2017, Musk said that he wanted SpaceX to send unmanned ships to Mars in 2022, so he’s four years behind schedule.
  5. Musk wants to race cars on the moon next year. Musk said SpaceX plans to launch two cars onto the Moon’s surface for a remote-controlled car rally. 
  6. TikTok is toying with 3-minute videos. The video-sharing app previously only let you post minute-long videos.
  7. One of Bird’s biggest investors is trying to sell shares at a loss. Leaked emails obtained by Business Insider show Fidelity Investments is trying to offload part of its stake in the scooter firm.
  8. DoorDash may need to clear up some metrics in its IPO filing. A key chart in the company’s IPO filing is sending mixed messages about how much business is coming from loyal repeat customers versus new customers who may have joined because of a promo.
  9. Exclusive: Skeptical scientists are debating DeepMind’s protein-folding breakthrough. Academics told Business Insider DeepMind’s new AlphaFold program may not work in the real world.
  10. Exclusive: an EU lawmaker is gearing up to crack down on Big Tech. Business Insider spoke to Vera Jourova, the EU’s vice president for values and transparency, about regulating Big Tech.
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Source: Business Insider
Author: (Isobel Asher Hamilton)
Date: 2020 12 03

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