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Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Tuesday.

Facebook employees publicly rebelled over Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to keep up a Trump post about the George Floyd protests. More than a dozen Facebook workers directly contradicted the company’s stance over the weekend and on Monday in a rare show of public discord.
Mark Zuckerberg committed $10 million to fighting racial injustice amid outrage at Facebook’s handling of Trump’s post threatening protesters. Zuckerberg committed $10 million to groups fighting racial inequality, even as his own workers spoke out against the company’s stance.
Gaming giant Zynga will buy Turkish developer Peak for $1.8 billion in its biggest ever acquisition. The cash-and-share deal will see Peak’s 100-strong team and its portfolio of mobile game franchises join Zynga.
Facebook employees held a virtual walkout against the company’s handling of Trump’s posts. The New York Times reported that "dozens" of employees took Monday off to signal their opposition to the company’s refusal to take action against the president’s post that discussed shooting in response to the protests in the US.
Apple shut stores across the US over safety concerns amid US protests. Photos and videos that circulated on social media over the weekend appear to depict looters breaking into and/or damaging Apple stores in a variety of cities — from Philadelphia to Washington D.C.
WeWork’s head of real estate for the US, Canada, and Israel is leaving the company after two years. The executive, Aaron Ellison, had helped spearhead growth during the heady runup to the firm’s peak valuation of nearly $50 billion.
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has invested in UK startup Beacon, a freight forwarding platform. According to Sky News, Bezos will participate in Beacon’s $15 million Series A fundraising.
Executives from Google, Snap, Apple, Facebook, and more spoke out against racial inequality and police brutality in social media posts and memos to employees. Apple CEO Tim Cook pointed to the history of racism in the US while Snap CEO Evan Spiegel called for a non-partisan committee on reparations.
YouTube pledged $1 million in solidarity with Black Lives Matter protesters, but critics noted the site has allowed white supremacist videos to flourish for years. Studies have shown that YouTube pushes far-right content via its recommendation algorithms.
Uber, Lyft, and Lime say they’ll suspend services in cities where curfews are implemented. Social media footage across the US has shown scooters being used in riots to smash up buildings and vehicles.

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10 things in tech you need to know today10 things in tech you need to know today10 things in tech you need to know today”

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