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In the world there are many who want to start a business or create a company. Furthermore, after experiencing a global economic crisis where jobs began to falter. Well, in this context, the needs to generate self-employment and an independent source of income grew exponentially.

However, there are far fewer people with the ideal capacity to become a successful entrepreneur. You should know that to start a company not only are the wants and needs sufficient; You must also meet certain characteristics in your character and preparation. What you must also complement with a good business idea and a business plan that certifies, details and supports it.

Therefore, if you have the need or desire to start a business and join the world of entrepreneurship, it is necessary that you self-analyze to see if you meet the requirements. And since our intention is to guide you, here we give you a list with six questions that will be key. Read them, analyze yourself and if you fail at one, start looking for how to improve yourself at that point. Good luck, here they go:

1. Do you have everything it takes to start your own business?

We refer to skills such as money, contacts and knowledge to start a company or own business. As important as the business idea, it is also important to carry out a feasibility study to determine if the business will be sustainable and profitable over time. You will achieve all this by carrying out a business plan.

2. Are you capable of risking other people’s time and money?

Many times, not only your money will be at stake, but other people’s. They may not fully understand your business, but they trust you.

3. Are you prepared to face the difficulties that come along the way?

This point is vital. Since, people who succumb to depression or pessimistic moods can fatally infect all employees of your company. On the contrary, when the entrepreneur smiles, his entire company smiles with him.

4. Are you an inventor or an entrepreneur?

Both roles are important in the integral process, but to start a company or business it is the characteristics of the entrepreneur that will make the difference. The inventor spends much more time on product patents and prototypes, and may neglect what really matters to promote the product and grow the business.

5. Will you accept that the company works without you?

Although it is true initially, the company depends almost totally on the entrepreneur, as it grows, new people are incorporated with new ideas and more specialized functions; therefore it may be possible that over time the company needs you less and less. This situation is ideal for a successful company.

6. Do you see yourself as a leader?

An entrepreneur is a leader and a great motivator who requires special characteristics such as persistence, creativity and tolerance for risk. If you want to start a company and be successful in business, you must start to see yourself as a great entrepreneur. Don’t forget it and work on it.

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Source: Entrepreneur
Author: Entrepreneur en Español
Date: 2021 01 31
Link: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/364091

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