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As reported on Entrepreneur:
“With 700 million users, LinkedIn provides a massive opportunity for businesses to increase sales leads and revenue. In this video, the creator and host of “The Startup Story” shares tips for leveraging LinkedIn to start conversations with cold contacts, namely:
Research, learning more about the contact you’re reaching out to from their profile as well as other social media accountsRequesting to connect, adding a personal message using the information you’ve discovered in your research and suggesting next stepsDelivering on your promise to follow up, inviting your contact to a phone call and requesting their assistance (as opposed to selling)Nurturing the relationship with engagement via the platform by liking, sharing and commenting on their posts, keeping your name top-of-mind for when they enter a buying cycleRelated: Finding Validation in Serving Customers
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How to Leverage LinkedIn for Lead Generation and Sales
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Source: Entrepreneur
Author: James McKinney
Date: 2020 08 26

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