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Social Benefits/Costs are beneficial or detrimental impacts on people resulting from a company’s activities. For instance, purchasing some automated machines generates a social benefit in terms of occupation at the supplier but it will reduce the number of employees needed at the buyer.

Environmental Benefits/Costs are beneficial or detrimental impacts on the natural environment resulting from a company’s activities. For instance, deciding to generate electricity using solar energy has environmental benefits compared to other sources but still has a cost in terms of producing and transporting the materials.

Ethical businesses are careful to minimize the impact of their behaviour on society and the environment.

Some questions that are useful to understand the content of this block are
– What are the direct costs and benefits that can be directly linked to the company?
– What are the indirect costs and benefits that are passed outside the market?
– What are the External costs and benefits that cannot be passed on to any existing markets because they relate to issues like the environment, safety and nature?


A Social&Environmental Cost-Benefit Analysis (SCBA) is a framework to evaluate the impacts caused by an urban development project as well as by a company’s activities.

It makes a balance between
– Financial Components
– Social and Environmental Consequences

Financial Components are for instance:
– Revenues
– Investment Costs
– Profits
– Taxes and Fees

Social and Environment Consequences are an increase/reduction for instance in the level of:
– Noise
– Pollution
– Visual blight
– Congestion
– Safety
– Travel Times
– Spatial Quality
– Health
– Market Impacts
– Legal Aspects

The balance between Financial Components and Social and Environment Consequences helps the company to make informed decisions reflecting the value attached to the caused effects of its activities.

Learn more about the SCBA by following this link.

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