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Revenue Streams are the strategies that enable a company to generate an income and they are based on the money a customer is willing to pay for Value Propositions, the way they are delivered (Channels) and the Customer Relationships the company puts in place.

Some questions that are useful to understand the content of this block are
– How does the company generate revenues?
– What products and services do our customers pay for?
– How are they sold?
– How are the customers paying?
– How would the customers prefer to pay?
– How much does each Revenue Stream contribute to overall revenues?


Revenue Streams are fundamental in the Business Model Canvas since they determine how the business is able to generate an income.
A good way to represent the company’s Revenue Streams and Cost Structure is to use Cashflow Canvas.

Cashflow Canvas is a financial tool that helps a company to design and challenge their business’ profit model by:
– Defining an operating budget
– Forcing to validate and adjust the business model from a financial standpoint

Cash Flow Canvas.PNG

Cashflow Canvas is based on 8 blocks
1. Revenue Streams
2. Direct Costs
3. Price Points
4. Mapping Assumptions
5. Team
6. Space + Operations
7. Marketing + Sales
8. Additional Expenses

Learn more about the Cashflow Canvas by following this link.

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