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Nobody disputes that running your own business is very rewarding. I have seen the glamorous photos on Instagram of businessmen enjoying the beach and on Facebook I have found posts that say “I love my job !!!!!!” (with everything and the errors in the exclamation marks).

Entrepreneurship can be great, but let’s be honest, running your own business can also be difficult and scary. What can you expect from your first year of business?
This is the naked truth of how mine was.

1. There is much more administration than I expected
During my first year of business I tried to spend as little as possible. I did everything I could myself. For example, I spent 10 hours a day learning to drive on my social media; I optimized my profiles hundreds of times, got millions of customer testimonials, and so on. And all of that took a long time.

2. I used to eat at my desk
Most days I had lunch on my MacBook. Either that or she would buy junk food that she “sniffed” between client appointments. None of that is fancy or healthy. Sometimes I did it because I had little time, but other times it was because I got stuck finishing a project. However, it is essential to take care of your health, something that did not matter to me. Which brings me to my next point.

3. I gained 10 kilograms
I’ve never been too skinny, but I gained weight from bad habits that I was sabotaging myself with. Eating on top of my computer, skipping breakfast, not moving around enough, not eating dinner until I was starving and then eating whatever I found. Sadly the list goes on and it is very common among new entrepreneurs. We dive headlong into our work and put everything else in the background. Why do we do that to ourselves? Not well. I have lost half the weight I gained by adopting new habits, but it is difficult.

4. I made bad decisions
It was very difficult for me to establish my personal brand. For a while I tried to represent what other people wanted to see in me and not only did I not succeed, it made me feel false. But that’s the lesson of experience: when you know more, you decide better. Learning from your mistakes helps you do better next time.

5. I had to ask a lot of help
In my first year of business I launched a series of online courses. I didn’t know anything about the required technology, so I had to ask for help, something that is very difficult for me. I didn’t know much about making videos or even how to take courses, but admitting how little I knew helped me learn from those who were experts.

6. I improved my work all the time
In my first post it sounded like a corporate robot, but now I have another voice. I’ve rewritten articles and posts, experimented with social media, improved programs, and so on. I’ve done a lot of trial and error. Building a business is a process, not a to-do list to check off. The reality that work is never really done can be frustrating at times.

7. I was terrified all the time!
Launching your product and service without being certain that it will succeed is terrifying. It is about generating a new company, finding clients, sharing your ideas, promoting your work, asking for help, that is, you are always vulnerable. Running your own business, especially at the beginning, is like bringing your heart out.

However, once you start to gain experience the fear subsides and you start to enjoy your adventure. Do not give up!

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Source: Entrepreneur
Author: Sarah Vermunt
Date: 2021 02 13
Link: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/364877

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