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On this page, you can find a collection of some of the most successful and innovative Growth Hacks.

Learn more about Growth Hacking and how it can inspire you to rethink yourself, your business and the way you can engage your Customers through your Funnel by reading:

Now it’s really everything for Growth Hacking.

Remember what the Duchess says: “Everything’s got a moral if only you can find it.”

Growth Hacking Books

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The idea behind this website is to share an overview of interesting topics that can change your way of making business

We cannot cover everything, we have jobs and lives waiting for us…

But we won’t leave you alone out there!

We tested and selected the best books you could find


1) They will deep-dive all the topics providing real cases

2) We put some effort into choosing them

3) All the links using in this page contain affiliate links and when you buy something from the page, we get a commission that helps us cover the expenses and buy us a couple of drinks (that we feel we deserve!)



Nicola Zaffonato Administrator

Business Strategy | Product Marketing | Executive Master eCommerce Management | Business Innovation Master | MSc

I am driven by my personal growth and of people/contexts that surround me.

I followed a professional path in Valentino Fashion Group and Luxottica during which, thanks to the ability to understand different businesses and interests, I was able to succeed in Operations, Merchandising and Retail.

These organizations have exploited my ability to mediate and translate needs/constraints into practice, assigning me to Project Management roles.

Luxottica relied on my ability to analyze, to anticipate things and to imagine/implement solutions by appointing me in Supply Chain Management department and assigning me to the Product Management of IoT solutions for Anti-counterfeiting and Retail digitalization.

During this professional path, I also developed my leadership by managing teams to build Processes, Organizations, Systems and Governance Tools.

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