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Buyer Personas are avatars of a Customer Segment and they transform the hard facts about your target audience into ‘living’ people.

The Model, that is based on Buyer Personas, is powerful for marketing, advertising, content creation, product or service development, customer support, public relations, pricing, and sales since it put the focus on the relationship that can be created between the company and the customer.

Buyer Personas (also known as customer profiles, customer personas, audience profiles, and marketing personas) are portraits of your ideal customer.

To create a Buyer Personas, it is useful to consider:

  • Demographic Factors
  • Psychographic Factors

Demographic Factors are traits such as

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Social Class
  • Level of Education
  • Job
  • Family
  • Race/Ethnicity

These alone are not enough to describe a person so it is important to identify also Psychographic Factors such as:

  • Personality
  • Values
  • Attitudes
  • Interests
  • Lifestyles

The outcome of such analysis is a profile that generally contains:

  • Name (representing the generation and gender of this persona)
  • Age (exact or a range)
  • Job title
  • Job Description
  • Goals
  • Challenges
  • Buying motivation
  • Values
  • Fears/objections
  • Favourite channels of communication
  • Short bio
  • Favourite brands

Some useful templates for Buyer Personas can be found at

Buyer Persona Model 1

make my persona

Buyer Persona Model 2.png

Once the buyer personas shortlist has been created, it must be shared at all levels of the organization since they are helpful to almost every aspect of the business.

Therefore, it’s important everyone is familiar with the profiles and refers to them as they develop their own policies, campaigns, products, and messaging.

It is also important to note that just like real people, the personas get to evolve and even change over time depending on the experiences they make and on how the landscape around them changes as well.

So, it is important to keep an eye on the Buyer Personas to make sure they are still accurate and up to date.


A helpful tool for creating them is Buyer Personas Canvas that is based on 10 blocks

  • Buyer Persona (the archetype of our buyers)
  • Goals
  • Initiatives
  • Influencers, Stakeholders, Buying Team
  • Buying Process
  • Timing
  • Buyer Thinking
  • Channels
  • Why Buy
  • Content and Information (they rely on)

Learn more about Creating Buyer Personas by following this link.

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