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“But before getting to the meat of this framework, let’s step back for a bit and see in a bigger picture where the Problem/Solution fit stage applies in the Lean Startup methodology.
Credit to Ash Maurya — 10 Steps to Product/Market fitAs per see on the image above, this is the first stage in startup creation before even thinking about Product/Market fit and Scaling.
This stage can safely be considered as the riskiest and probably the most overlooked in the Lean Startup methodology.
Temptations to jump from product idea to product development is often very high. However, ensuring that the product idea answers a problem worth solving first can ultimately save a precious amount of time.
Problem/Solution fit is about determining whether you have a problem worth solving before investing months or years of effort into building a solution. — Ash Maurya, Running Lean
Our framework should lead us to Problem/Solution fit.

Source: Medium
Author: Maxime Lagresle
Date: 2020 09 06

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