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Bullseye Framework, as well known as the Growth Hacking Cycle, was first presented in the book “Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth” by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares.

The starting point was the investigation of how the biggest companies invested their budgets.

The outcome was that they all used a multi-channel strategy where most of the resources were invested on the channel with the highest ROI.

One of the most effective channel is using Existing Platforms or Other People Network (OPN).

When starting a business or launching a new product, one of the hardest challenges is having an audience.

Therefore, the basis for OPN is to:
– Find where I can find my target Buyer Personas
– Use someone else’s network for promoting and selling a product/service.

The 2 biggest business case studies of a successful OPN are:
– Airbnb: that used Craiglist user base for draining users to its website (learn more about this case study by following this link)
– Udemy: that used YouTube user base for draining users to its website (learn more about this case study by following this link)

OPN is based on data collection that can be done in 2 steps:
1. Looking for competitors
2. Looking for the channels used by the competitors

Competitors can be:
– Direct: they sell the same product/service
– Indirect: they sell an alternative to the company’s product/service

The step of Looking for competitors is about finding out both Direct and Indirect competitors.

The process is simple, and it is about:
– Naming the biggest competitor (i.e. for food name Nestlé or Danone)
– Inputting the biggest competitor in tools for generating a Competitors List

Possible tools for generating a Competitors List are:
– Owler
– SiteAlerts
– SimilarSites
– Google

The step of Looking for the channels used by the competitors is about getting to know their digital strategy by using the Competitors List.

Possible tools for Looking for the channels used by the competitors are:
– SimilarWeb
– SenRush
– SpyFu

Once knowing the competitors and their digital strategy, it is the time for activating the cycle based on
– Brainstorming (to generate ideas about how to use OPN)
– Prioritizing (using Impact-Confidence-Ease methodology)
– Testing best ideas
– Implementing the 3-5 ideas with best performances (i.e. lead generation)
– Analyzing the implemented ideas
– Systemizing the idea with the best performances

The target is to find the channel with the best performance and to invest in it.

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