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Channels is a block of Business Model Canvas that refers to how a company communicates with his Customer Segments and how it reaches them to deliver its Value Proposition.

Some questions that are useful to understand the content of this block are
– How is the company reaching its customers now?
– How do Buyer Personas want to be reached?
– How are the company’s channels integrated? How is the company integrating them with customer routines?
– Which ones work best? Which ones are most cost-efficient?

Understanding which channel is best to reach customers is key and the main options are:
Own Channels (physical or digital stores)
Partner Channels (wholesalers and distributors)
– A Combination of Own and Partner Channels

When selecting a distribution channel, there are 5 key aspects to be considered:
Target: number of customer segments/size of the market the company is targeting
Investment: an analysis of the different costs associated with a channel
Product Standardization:

  • Standard Products: Customer Segments may be good with standard channels
  • Tailored Products: Customer Segments may want tailored channels

Control: different markets require a different level of control over the distribution channels
Relationships: each channel establishes different relationships with different stakeholders resulting in different levels of complexity and flexibility

Channels have 5 main functions:
Raising Customers’ Awareness about company’s products and services
Helping Customers Evaluation of the company’s Value Propositions
Allowing Purchase of specific products and services
Delivering a Value Proposition
Providing Customer Support usually called After Sales

When managing a channel, it is important to be aware of main functions and related lifecycle status it is going through.

There are 5 channel life phases that are:
Awareness: the Customer Segments are getting to know the company’s products, services and channels. In this situation, it is important to focus on how to raise awareness. Typically, this is done through Advertising
Evaluation: the Customer Segments are getting to know the company’s Value Propositions. In this situation, it is important to focus on how to help them. Typically, this is done through “asking to the customer” (Surveys and Reviews)
Purchase: the customer perceives the Product/Market Fit and decides to purchase the company’s products and services. In this situation, it is important to focus on how the company allows customers to purchase. Typically, this is about making a choice on which channel to use (i.e. Digital vs Physical Stores)
Delivery: the customer purchased the company’s products and services and now they must be delivered. In this situation, it is important to focus on how the company delivers its Value Propositions to customers. Typically, this is about making a choice on how the distribution takes place (i.e. product collected at a sales point, delivered or downloaded)
After Sales: the customer has the products and services, but he may need support for using them. In this situation, it is important to focus on how the company provides post-purchase support. Typically, this is about making a choice on Contact Centers, Return Policies and After Sales activities.

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