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As reported on Rock Kitchen Harris:
“Redesigning your business in a more customer-first way doesn’t come easy, but McKinsey suggests doing this in three stages: observe, shape, reform.
Start by mapping the journey and seeing interactions from the customer’s perspective. It helps to have a clear CX aspiration and common purpose, which should be aligned with your brand strategy.
Only then can you reshape it and remove pain points in the journey. Apply behavioural psychology to help improve satisfaction and merge sequences of interactions to give a feeling of progress. Provide simple options to give customers a sense of control and choice.
You can reinvent the journey with digital technology, adding convenience and personalisation to enhance the CX. But you’ll also need to get all employees onboard, especially those on the frontline, and support this with governance and leadership.

Source: Rock Kitchen Harris
Author: Rock Kitchen Harris
Date: 2020 07 28

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