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As reported on Sleeknote:
“8. Practice Email Scrubbing
There’s a certain amount of churn that naturally occurs with all email lists. Even if you use a double opt-in and send nothing but amazing content, engagement will inevitably wane. In fact, “20 to 30 percent of email addresses decay within one year.” 

This can feel a little deflating, but it’s just the way it is. So my final technique to boost your email click-through rate is to get in the habit of email scrubbing, where you remove unengaged users. Doing so offers several benefits, but here are three of the biggest.

First, it increases both your open rate and click-through rate. As a result, this should naturally lead to higher engagement levels, where the people who receive your emails are genuinely interested.

Second, it improves your sender reputation with your email provider, which should increase your email deliverability.

And third, it saves you money because you’re 1) raising your conversion rate and 2) sending fewer emails.

Because most email providers charge by the number of emails you send, this ends up costing you less. 

That’s why I recommend scrubbing your email list approximately once every six months to keep it clean and ensure you’re only sending emails to truly engaged subscribers.

Source: Sleeknote
Date: 2020 07 28

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