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Hey there!

You know me, all good the good things in my life must evolve…and transform in something way better!

During the past months, while keeping my Digital Product Manager position, I also started covering the position of Store Planning Manager/Director for the LATAM team at Luxottica.
I have to confess that I have been very happy to get into the day-by-day Retail Business, it was very insightful + my team is great!

As it was happening, though, I also looked back at all the crazy interesting things I had the chance to get in touch with in the past two years.

In fact, during my time as Digital Product Manager, I had to learn about innovative topics such as Business Model Canvas, Lean Startup, Growth Hacking, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IoT (especially using RFID technology), Agile Methodology, Design Thinking and Robotic Process Automation.

It hasn’t always been easy since I had to study a lot to catch up but it was worth it!

And…well, I always wanted to share what is valuable to me with the most people I could.

Therefore, last year, I founded bizshakalaka.com.

There you can find 68 articles and business cases that take about 2-3 minutes to be read and are meant for entrepreneurs, managers and learners to stay up to date with innovative topics related to business.

The motto is: We discard the information overload that is wasting your time.

So don’t expect astrophysics lessons, it is just what you need to know to decide if some of those innovative topics are good for your businesses or not.

There is just one last thing you have to know before leaving: if I wanted bizshakalaka.com to be my website or blog I would have called it nicola-zaffonato.com or zaffo.com!

The idea is different, though.

Bizshakalaka is open to everyone and it would be lovely to have someone who contacts me to participate.

So here is how you can help!

I will start posting one article per week on LinkedIn.

By liking, commenting and sharing you will allow the content to spread so that more persons will either benefit from it or want to add content to the website.

I am super excited about this new adventure and I hope you are too!!!

I will see you out there, guys.
Don’t be lost!


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Nicola Zaffonato Administrator

Business Strategy | Product Marketing | Executive Master eCommerce Management | Business Innovation Master | MSc

I am driven by my personal growth and of people/contexts that surround me.

I followed a professional path in Valentino Fashion Group and Luxottica during which, thanks to the ability to understand different businesses and interests, I was able to succeed in Operations, Merchandising and Retail.

These organizations have exploited my ability to mediate and translate needs/constraints into practice, assigning me to Project Management roles.

Luxottica relied on my ability to analyze, to anticipate things and to imagine/implement solutions by appointing me in Supply Chain Management department and assigning me to the Product Management of IoT solutions for Anti-counterfeiting and Retail digitalization.

During this professional path, I also developed my leadership by managing teams to build Processes, Organizations, Systems and Governance Tools.

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