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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

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1. Leaked data of more than 550 million Facebook users appeared online, including phone numbers. The leaked data could provide valuable information to cybercriminals who use people’s personal information to impersonate them or scam them into handing over login credentials.

2. Alphabet has a secretive team working on quantum technologies called Sandbox. It’s led by tech entrepreneur Jack Hidary and recently the company started revealing more info about what it’s up to. Here’s what we know.

3. These are the top 100 early-stage investors. Tens of thousands of institutions and individuals are active seed investors – but only a few succeed repeatedly. Based on data analysis from Tribe Capital, we compiled a list of VCs who have mastered seed funding. Meet 100 of the best seed investors.

4. We spoke to Amazon insiders about its complex employee review system, which involves ranking employees by tiers, and which they say lacks transparency. Amazon employees tell Insider that despite the moves towards transparency, the company’s performance review system includes elements of controversial "stack ranking."

5. Jeff Bezos has been linked to four NFL teams in the last three years. Disgruntled team owners and excited fans hope the Amazon billionaire will come to the rescue. These are the teams that have sought help from Bezos.

6. Crypto-art investors could face a hefty tax bill. After his $70 million NFT sale, Beeple likely faces taxes worth tens of million of dollars – and buyers might also be in for a surprise on tax day. How NFTs generate large tax bills.

7. 55 of America’s top companies paid $0 in federal taxes last year – including HP and Salesforce. In 2020, the companies avoided paying about $12 billion in federal taxes. See the companies here.

8. Coinbase is planning to go public in a direct listing in two weeks. It will be the largest crypto exchange in the US to go public. More on that here.

9. FOMO – fear of missing out – is fueling Silicon Valley startups. VCs are moving fast to sign term sheets with startups to beat competition as cash floods the market. Inside our exclusive reporting on VCs’ funding frenzy.

10. JPMorgan is entering the tech world. The firm poached five people from Silicon Valley Bank and Bank of America in an effort to build out teams focused on VCs and "disruptive" commerce. An inside look at how the firm is strengthening its ties to Silicon Valley.

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