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As reported on GrowthHackers Trending:
“In my experience, to make a product standout for a customer, it’s never about the product or it’s features. It has always been the value it and the overall product experience it delivers.
And yet, because the product management and the development teams are often too close to the product, it’s common to see them get obsessed with the product features or seeing it as their brain child. The needle begins to move only when they start wearing the lens of a user or customer and try to understand their motivations to use the product, the features they use, so on and so forth.
A strong understanding of the users is the starting point for you to understand the elements that go into building a product experience that’s meaningful and one that stands out, making a difference.
When it comes to buying a product, the first source of trust for any buyer is to see how existing customers feel about the product. For example, when it comes to software, people often look for reviews on sites such as G2, TrustRadius, etc.
Product experience isn’t about adding new features. Sometimes it may not even be out the UI (User Interface – how simple or easy the product interface looks). For all you know, it can be as simple as:
Does the product deliver the promise or not?
Does it make the life of a user easy?
For instance, improving the product experience can mean simplifying or shortening the steps in the customer journey in their process to achieve their end goal/objective (e.g., registration, transactions etc.). You can do that by using the right and optimal set of features in the right places.
This simplification would ensure that your customers will regularly use your product (improving retention) as it helps them save time (better value).
Let’s go through a couple of examples, catering to two totally different sectors. One that focuses on the software industry, and the other, that is all about food delivery.”

Source: GrowthHackers Trending
Date: 2020 05 17

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